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Studio Bozzini brings a unique blend of professional and personal research to every projects all over the world.​

Antonella Bozzini, is an italian journalist and photographer, graduated from IED - Istitute European of design - Milan.​

Photographer for 25 years of Architectural, Urban spaces Landscapes and Business and Branding.




E x h i b i t i o n

2022 Roma Museo ANRP Linea nelle Linee Berlino Oltre le apparenze - 9 Novembre 1989  > 9 Novembre 2022

​2021 Milan Spazio Kryptos - Milano in Prospettiva 2020-2021  Photo Festival

2020-2021  Hub Art - Linea nelle Linee Berlino - Spazio Urbano post caduta Muro Photo Festival 

2019  Modena Galleria Comunale Europa - Linea nelle Linee - Oltre alle apparenze 9 Novembre 1989 > 2019

2018-19  Award Best of Houzz - Architecture

2015  Collettiva di Architettura Expowall Gallery Milano

2012  Premio Basi Arte Contemporanea - Istallazione Site Specific - Acquedotto di Santa Fiora - Tuscany

2009  Premio Fotografico TauVusual Qualità Creativa - Autore segnalato

1998  "Biennale Arti Visive" Vigonza - Padua

1995  "Modena per la Fotografia"  Immagini in Movimento Foro Boario - Modena

1995  with Leo Matiz (Magnum Photo) on his book "Leo Matiz" - Federico Motta Editore

1994  Collettiva "Fotografi Italiani" di Lanfranco Colombo - Accademia Carrara Gamec - BG

1993-94  Managing Mostra "Segnali di Fumo" organizzata da "Fratelli Alinari" di Firenze c/o Castello Sforzesco di Milan

1992  Reportage in Burundi - Ong Vispe Milan

1992  "Giovani Artisti Italiani" - Ufficio Cultura del Comune Milan

A r e a s  o f  E x p e r t i s e

Still life to boost your competitive value.
Food cause a picture is worth a thousand words.
Corporate because behind every product there is always a great story to tell.
Architectural and interior design and construction sites.
Aerial photography with Droni.

We are already worked in this places: Italia > Milano, Pavia, Bolzano,  Treviso, Oderzo, Grosseto, Imperia, Bordighera, Piacenza, Sondrio, Como, Bergamo, Varese, Verbania, Liguria, Veneto, Piemonte, Trieste, Usa > New York, Spagna > Madrid, Cina > Guangzhou, Svizzera > Ticino.

Fotografo Adv, Immobiliare, architettura, still life, corporate, industriale, fotografia aerea, drone, fotografo food

B i o g r a p h y

Antonella began studying photography in Milan in 1990 at the European Institute of Design - Department of Photography, graduating in 1993.

In 2012 she began a new photographic research journey into the exploration and deeper understanding of the different declinations of architectural urban space used in public areas and in the integration of different urban, social, historical and cultural contexts relted to the anthrocene  epoch.

Photographic is magic. It does not necessarily tell its own subjects, who are often invited to recall those interior intimacies that are not expressed as their appearance, which is clearly manifested. This art is always capable of revealing something of the author, who includes everyone in her vision.
To conclude, this is the essence of my photography: if you carefully observe it, and you align yourself with its spirit, it may reveal a lot about yourself.

Ritratto Antonella Bozzini
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